Leveling Your Character

1. Choose the class you wish to gain a level in. The multiclassing rules are in effect, see pp. 163-5.

2. If your newest class level grants you an Ability Score Improvement, you may choose to advance one ability score by 2 points, two ability scores by one point each, or gain a new feat.

3. Gain a number of hit points equal to ¾ your newly gained hit die. Round down. d4=3; d6=4; d8=6; d10=7; d12=9

4. Adjust your hit points according to your Constitution score modifier.

5. After a short rest, characters may only acquire new hit points, increased proficiency modifers, increase their spell slots for existing spell levels, and gain any improvements to existing class features. Gaining new hit points does not restore a character to full health, but they do raise their hit point maximum, and gain their new level’s hit points – any damage remains until healed.

6. After a long rest, characters may acquire new spells, new spell slots in a new spell level, gain an ability improvement, gain a new feat, or gain a new class feature after a long rest.

Leveling Your Character

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